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The property contains mountains, wildlife, and lush high Sonoran desert vegetation, with scattered junipers.

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Searching for the perfect luxurious home quietly secluded in the stunning Tonto National Forest? The impeccable Desert Mountain Homes Community is the absolute choice. Desert Mountain consists of approximately 8,100 acres of land at elevations ranging from approximately 2,580 to 4,800 feet above sea level. Currently, there are approximately 90 homes for Sale in Desert Mountain. The property contains mountains, wildlife, and lush high Sonoran desert vegetation, with scattered junipers at the higher elevations. At the northern boundary of the development lies the Tonto National Forest, the second-largest national forest in the United States, affording miles of wilderness for hiking and horseback riding. Over 2,000 acres of the more mountainous portions of Desert Mountain Homes are restricted to remain substantially in their natural condition.
Desert Mountain has 2665 total properties. There are approximately 2000+ completed homes (a changing variable), 2050 Golf Memberships (full-golf privilege memberships), may be issued, which translates to less than 396 such memberships per course across all seven courses. The Golf Membership to the Desert Mountain Club is currently $200,000 and the monthly fee is $2242.00. Select a community that has something for everyone. The community has “Villages” which are smaller neighborhoods within the community. Desert Mountain is on 8300 acres, which makes this a large community compared to others in the Valley. Some people will like to live closer to the main entrance gate while others choose to live higher up on the mountain. All choices are great because there are really no bad locations within the Desert Mountain community. I like to categorize the Villages into three locations. Lower, Middle, and Upper Villages. So when looking at the villages, YOU decide where you want to live!
I have separated the 31 villages into 3 sections. Lower, Middle, and Upper Villages.
The newest addition to Desert Mountain is called Seven Desert Mountain with 3 villages and they are actually located outside of the main gate, about 1/4 of a mile West of the main entrance gate, Seven will be located under all Villages
What does this mean? Simply put distance from the main entry gate.
If you choose to live in the lower 16 villages your drive time to leave the property will be shorter.
All villages have unique qualities. If you ask any village owner, they all love where they live.
So when looking at the website under Desert Mountain, you can decide what your personal needs are and where you will be most comfortable.
For more information, I am always available to talk at 480-620-3511.
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